Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My hectic month!

So the month of March. Well March has been busy and full of ups and downs. Yes we are only nine days in and I understand that but a lot can happen in nine days people!

So I will start here... (be prepared that I might creep back into the month of February just a bit)

Last week was a pretty emotional one! My mother is a person who jumps the gun on everything. (And yes I seriously do mean EVERYTHING) She overreacts, loses her cool, and all this usually happens after she has picked up the phone and called me! Yes, I get the pleasure of being on the other end of the line while she spouts off! Usually it is about my little sister and how she is doing this or how she has done that! And then come to find out later my little sister didn't do any of those things and my mom yet again jumped the gun! So that becomes a taxing point in my life!

We have been spending a lot of time with my little sister lately. She doesn't really like being home with my mom so for the most part on weekends she is with us. And it has been such a blessing to have her in our house! She has asked to move in with us and it pains me to turn her down but we just don't have the room. Now that she comes up almost every weekend she comes to church! It is so great to watch God work in her life! It has been a wonderful opportunity to minister to and help her. And my realtionship with her has improved ten fold! I now have a better understanding of who my sister is and we are really starting to become quite good friends!

I have recently decided to start a vegetable & herb garden. Yes, me with no green thumb at all has taken on the task of container gardening! Pictures of my families little endevor will follow! My SIL Holly sent me a bunch of great seeds to get started! I am excited to get them planted but now am in need of more containers! Hoping that I will be able to find some at publix or other such stores! Or if anyone has any buckets, containers, anything that dirt and some seeds could fit in please pass them my way!

I have also recently become a fan of TBW and Diaper Swappers. I love wearing my baby and love that I have these sites to guide me. My husband says I'm silly, but I say I'm informed! I have recently purchased my SIL's Iris for the price of a didy purple waves! Which was an awesome deal! Also I decided to go one step futher and purchase another wrap! (it is quite addicting and I couldn't help myself!!) I purchased a Girasol Green Tea blue weft 4.6! I am so excited for it to get here sometime this week!!! I can't wait to put Ethan in it! Then take a ton of pictures! So those will follow as well! But I do have a cute picture of him in my Iris. So here it is!

I have also been turned on to swagbucks! I am half way to my first amazon GC and am super excited! This getting something for nothing is great!!! All you have to do is use their search engine to do everyday things and just like that you obtain swagbucks! Again my husband thinks I'm silly but I'm not hurting anything I tell him :) So try it out and see if it works for you!

So this month of March hasn't even began to be busy! We are booked every weekend until the end of this month! Hoping that this month will be a good one and that hopefully in Apirl I will get to finally go up to my friend Jess's house and see her! I so hope that all works out!

Ok I am now going to go back into the month of February please bare with me! Alot has happened! So last month was my birthday month and we had a tone of Fun! For my birthday weekend we took Austin and my little sister to Disney! Here are some pictures from our weekend spent there!

And with that this ends my really long Blog!


haley shumway said...

totally awesome I am impressed and I am also going to try my hand at an herb garden...also a flower one cause Caden really wants too. What is Swagbucks?? fill me in : )

Jhenna said...

Thank you! I know your herb and flower garden will be awesome :) I am posting the link to Holly's blog where she explains swagbucks! Hope this is helpful!