Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thoughts on this humid Wednesday....

My anniversary is coming up in less then a week. My hubby and I had planned to go to Epcot for the day and taste all the yummy food from around the world! Well unfortunately we wont be able to go :( We had to cancel this day cation for two reasons. One we were going to go on our actual Anniversary which is June 7th but I am unable to get the time off from work because I am covering for 3 people and one of my bosses is on vacation which means my other boss and the 3 people I am covering for need me here, and the second reason is we just can't afford it now that we are moving at the end of the month or the beginning of July. We have out grown the house we are renting now. We have two boys and we live in a two bedroom one bath! Lets just say mama needs her own bathroom! The boys each need their own rooms and hubby and I need our own room. We share now with our 16 month old! And it is really tight at times! We have half our furniture in a room under the house because there is no room for it upstairs in our house. We love the house it has this charm about it but we just can no longer stay there. We hope the owners (whom we are friends with) will find someone else to rent it out quickly or will be able to sell it quickly!

So today I put my Iris up for sale. It is hard for me to let go of the wraps I have I love them so much but it is time to move on and give them a new home. The one I am not selling I am sending to my SIL & BIL for their baby whom is still in the oven. I am giving them one as a baby shower gift. They choose the green tea wrap! I absolutely love that wrap and I know they will too! So back to my Iris, that was sold to me by my SIL back in Feb/March  time but I had it before that on loan to be back in Dec. I put it up for sale today on Diaperswappers and since then I have had 21 views but only one comment. The comment was telling me that it is gorgeous! So hopefully it will sell quickly and painlessly! And hey it will be money I didn't have once it sells! So that is always a plus anything that can go towards our moving/deposit fund will be great!

I have been inspired lately to change my life and try to make it one that my kids will be proud of. So I have decided to try the whole college thing. (That is if I can get aid of some kind or a grant) So hopefully all that will work out. Also I am trying to cook more healthy foods, stuff I make from scratch. I want my family to not only enjoy the food they eat but for it to be good for them as well. So that has gone pretty good lately. I am also trying to be more organized and hands on with certain things. I am trying to get back into tidy mode and clean certain things at certain times. Hopefully I will get into a very nice routine and feel more accomplished at the end of the day!


haley shumway said...

Hey sweetie! You are moving?? where?? when?? any chance it will be closer to us?? You are a great mom and I think you are doing great by trying to improve. I am reading a book called crazy love. I totally recommend it(of course I am only halfway through so that might be premature but so far so good) itis totally convicting on our relationship with God and then of course that passes down to our other relationships.

Jhenna said...

Yes we are moving and it is actually much further. It will be to Cape Coral. It is time for us to move and it will put me closer to work but it has been really hard for us to make this decision since it moves us far from family and our friends. But we know God's plans are great and maybe we will make new friends?? Thank you Haley I try to do my best but I can always do better. I think your a super great mom! The book sounds great I will add it to my list I have about 6 books on my night stand and am still working on sense and sensibility. So far I love it! Thank you so much for leaning me the books!