Monday, June 14, 2010

Top Secret Father's Day Surprise!!!!

So I have been really putting in alot of though for Jon's Father's day gift. I have been to Joann's and will probably be heading back there again to get some fabric. I am going to sew something up for Jon (yes I will be attempting to sew) It has been quite a long time since I have gotten behind a sewing machine. So I am going to do a test run first and sew something else. I can't quiet reveal what it is that I am making because one: Jon might read this blog doubtful but he might and, two: it would give away why he requested certain pictures of his brother's. So I promise with time it will all become very clear. I will upload pictures of my creation and pictures of my drawings of my creation so that all may mock the poorly drawn "thing" I can tell you at least that this "thing" will most likely be a charcoal gray color. I know it's not much but the color of the "thing" is better then nothing...

Jon's present has many parts. Some he knows about and others not so much. I just hope everything falls together nicely and that his Father's day is one of the best days for him!

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