Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Lately I have been dreaming of Autumn. I have been reminiscing of my days when I was a child living in Elginburg, Ontario, Canada.
I can remember as we approached the end of August you could smell fall coming. It was the most magnificent thing in the world. I could smell fall!! The crispness of the air the dry smell. It was yummy! I remember my thoughts were always in a whirlwind and I could never wipe that smile off my face. It truly is magnificent to watch the seasons change to see God's beauty in everything!

Isn't this beautiful?

I dream of taking a walk in the park in Canada with my boys soaking in all of what God has given us! I am learning more and more each day that every little thing is a gift and we need to soak it all up.

(disclaimer: these pictures are not my own and I am not claiming them as such)

I often sit at home and wonder hmm, will today be the day that we get in that car and go see the world? Will my boys ever be exposed to the elements?
Will they ever share my joy of when all the leaves fall off the trees and you rake them up and jump into the pile? I can remember it like yesterday! It was what I always looked forward too! I could hardly stand the wait and then on that glorious day when they started to fall and there were just enough for you to jump into it was complete and utter bliss!

I'm sure my boys will experience my Autumn bliss, but until that day you will find me occasionally dreaming of us all walking hand in hand down a road much like the one above. Until then.....

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