Friday, September 10, 2010

Grateful Friday

So a lot of things have happened over the past few weeks. I have become a team leader for Bigenuf, you can read about that here and Jon my husband has finally after 2 years of my begging and pleading has quit smoking! I am literally jumping for joy! (Insert big smile and extremely happy dance here!) We made a promise to each other over two years ago that we would quit smoking together, I did, he didn't. It has been rough knowing that he didn't want to quit, rough trying to be a supportive wife and be understanding. But I was a supportive wife and I was understanding and I prayed my butt off! (That was the only way I survived through this all.) God answered my prayers after two years! He gave me the wisdom to help Jon through that rough week of his life. It has been 2 weeks ago today that he quit and I couldn't be more proud of the man I look up to day in and day out. I couldn't be more thrilled to watch my husband as God is forming him into this wonderful man who leads us with confidence! I see Jon smile a lot more now, I see him finding his worth in the little things in life and I see him growing, loving, living, laughing, EXERCISING! The list just goes on and on. As you notice I wrote exercising in caps well folks that would be because my husband doesn't exercise! He has told me since the day I met him that he is allergic to running and pretty much any exercise of any kind! And now pretty much every morning he is taking our son for an hour long walk! So in just two weeks I have watched my husband do this complete transformation and I can't help but smile and give praise to the one who made it all possible! Thank you so much God for answering my two year long prayer!

Completely going off subject now and onto other thoughts :) I have been thinking about making some gifts for the wonderful loving ladies I spend every Wednesday night with and for the wonderful loving people that serve on our team for bigenuf, and one thought that came to my mind was making some pretty scrap book paper / fabric covered composition books and little mini matching composition books for their purses. Kind of like this or this. I think they will be cute prayer request books for women that attend a Bible study or good for grocery lists and so on. I think the little mini comp books for the purse will come in handy when needing to jot down a quick reminder, or making a simple list to run to the store and get a few things, or maybe even in a time of need, oh lets say like when you accidentally back into someones car in the parking lot?? Just kidding but if it happens you have paper handy right? So what are your thoughts?


haley shumway said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stinkin' excited that he quit smoking! I was soooooo upset that he even started smoking in the first place so I am beyond happy that he has decided to quit. Thank you for praying so unceasingly and not forgetting that God doesn't work in our time frame. I also love the little books too I think that is a great idea you are so sweet your ladies will love them <3

Jhenna said...

Thank you Haley! These past few weeks have really been quite special! I learn more and more of God's unfailing love everyday! I feel so blessed that he love my family and me!