Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday Sweetness....

So I just thought I would briefly share with you my Saturday morning. We had a great time together as a family! We spent a good two hours outside at this beautiful park called Lakes Park. Every year they do this thing called the Halloween Extravaganza and it is so much fun! You can buy tickets to jump in the bounce houses, or do the hay ride, or go down huge inflatable side! The options are endless! We opted as a family to go for a nice nature walk! We were shocked at how much joy Austin got out of walking! He saw a heron of some sort and we saw a baby Alligator! It was peaceful and a blessing for our family! We walked through the pumpkin patch and scare crow competition! We even came across an entry from the company I work for! I almost died laughing when I saw the face of a guy I work with in the van window! It was too much! But they did a good job on it! So here are our pictures from our day of family fun!

I love this of my boys minus one! (Austin wasn't with us any longer, his dad had picked him up for the day)

I love the way his hair stands on end when he slides down the slide!!!

My monkey boy!!

<3 these guys so much!!

Austin liked this little pumpkin and wanted his picture taken with it!

And here is the scarecrow contest put together by the people I work with! This still cracks me up! (you would have to know the guy in the picture to know why)

My handsome boys! We had such a great time!

Mr. or Ms. Baby Alligator!

Austin loved this bird (whatever it was) He loves all animals!

And this is Ethan having enough with the pictures, the giant pumpkins, and Daddy!

So we had so much fun that we will be going back again this weekend! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures :) Have a Blessed day!

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