Monday, December 13, 2010

Forgive me, For I have lost track of time....

It has been 34 days since my last post....

I have been super busy! Way too busy. In the last month I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house, Been to an product party, Went to my fisrt baby shower ever (other then my own), went black Friday shopping for the first time ever, Been to four Christmas parties, BECAME AN AUNT AGAIN!!!! The list goes on! But lets skip straight to talking about the whole aunt thing! I am so excited to be an aunt for the third time now! It is amazing! He was born yesterday 12/9/10 at 5:04am weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20 1/4 inches long! He has all ten fingers and all ten toes and a cute little button nose :) I can't wait to meet him! It may take awhile but I will hold my little nephew in my arms and tell him how much I love him! I will!

Back to the begining of my list Thanksgiving. It was a blast my husband and I hosted our first Thanksgiving in our home and it was nice! We had the most juicy turkey ever! And the company was nice too :) Things went smoothly and I had all the mess cleaned up before anyone even left! It didn't even look like we have just hosted Thanksgiving! That's the best part!

The product party I went to was super fun! I will talk more about it after I host my own super fabulous party on 1/22/11 @ 11am! I hope all my dear friends can make it! I know they will have loads of fun!

Jeni's baby shower! It was so amazing! She is completely beautiful and Haley hosted a wonderful event! It was so much fun! I loved the punch! (Haley I must have that recipe :) I can't wait to meet baby Logan! I know he will be such a blessing!

Black Friday Shopping was amazing and crazy all at the sametime! I will probably do it again next year! Hopefully I will have a shopping buddy next year!

Four Christmas parties all within the span of 2 weeks! They were all loads of fun! I am so greatful to have been invited to each and every one of them!

This is a very short week for me! I have Friday off! Woo Hoo! I need this day of badly! I am so looking forward to it! I will get some Christmas shopping done! Yes, I am not done yet! I know it is horrible! I need to get with the program! I should be done by the 22nd! I hope! Stocking stuffers and all!

So as you can see I have had a ton of reasons to fall off the blogging band wagon so to speak!

Have a great week!


haley shumway said...

you should come next year to our Black Friday shopping fun! Heidi will be in town then too so it will be my mom, heidi, me and maybe my aunt if she wants to she always decides like the night before LOL but we always go no matter what : ) it's tradition!! I missed your blogs!

Jhenna said...

I would love to go next year with you guys! That sounds like so much fun! I am really excited for next years black Friday now :) Thank you!