Friday, January 28, 2011


So one of our goals this year has been to try to work harder at this thing we call parenting. And so far so good. God has been really working on changing me into a patient person. Now I find myself talking to my children, not raising my voice! I hate that there was ever a second that I yelled at my kids! I wish I could take it all back. I can't I can only move forward and learn from my mistakes. And boy what a journey it has been. More and more everyday the kids and I are learning one another. More and more I am starting to realize that how I was raised was not right and that I need to always remember that! Every night Austin, Ethan and I read. We play with puzzles. (Ethan doesn't have the whole puzzle concept down yet but were working on it!) We run around the house playing tickle monster. Or we pretend to play cops and robbers. Or hide and seek! We color and talk, we laugh we cry and at the end of the day I collapse! But it is all worth it! It's worth it to know that my kids are being raised to the best of my abilities. Being raised to respect one another, being raised to love one another, being raised up in the word of God. So thank you God for Summit Church and Thank you God for changing me into your beautiful child/woman so that I can help work and mold the lives of my Children!

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haley shumway said...

You are doing a great job Jhenna!