Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I just finished reading Monster By Frank Peretti, and may I say this novel was great! I barely ever wanted to put it down! It kept me on the edge of my seat at times, I grew to love Rachel and her estranged family! I love books like that ones that you could just sit there all day reading and lose track of time pulling yourself into this fantasy world that someone else has created for you to marvel at! So I have been thinking what should I read next? There are the red, white, and black novels which I believe are by Ted Decker? But then I was also thinking hmmm maybe the Oath, By Frank Peretti. Jon really wants me to read that one and I really have no objections to whatever book he wants me to read because they are turned out to be books I love! Like he pushed me to read the left behind series that was awesome and then Soon, By Jerry Jenkins, that was awesome and Monster! I mean every book he has ever pushed me towards reading has been a winner! So do I want to read a mystery next or a thriller or something sweet? I don't know really the possibilities are endless. I mean so much potential out there. I know I am speaking like a true book nerd and well that is because I am! I am not one that is too good with my words or all too sharp at times but I am one who loves to read.... In that world I don't feel dumb or less of myself, it is just me and my book!

I need to change my address on my license so I can go and get a library card! We have a library about 2 miles from our house and we pass by it all the time and I really want to go in and get a card but since my license doesn't have a local address I can't! So one of these days I will get that strengthened out. I think probably because I can't just order my license online I actually have to go to the dmv and I never have the time! I work 9 hour days so slipping away from work is hard and on top of that the nearest dmv is not that close to my place of business at all and from here would take at least 35 minutes to get there and then I would have to wait in line and then get back all in an hour if I decided I could actually take a lunch break... So yes there is my little sob story!

Hmmm something smells good and it isn't my orange... Sorry I know that was completely random but I am here at work sitting at my desk and all of the sudden I smell fresh baked bread! That is strange I mean very strange but oh well I will continue to eat my meager orange.


justme27 said...

If you like sci-fi type stuff, you should read The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

That was a good book.

Sugarbutt said...

Thanks I will look into that also! I really like a vast group of books. I never really tie myself down to one group. I keep an open mind and hey I'll read anything once!