Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gifts for my Ladies!

So I am finally able to reveal the books I made for my Bible study ladies! I had so much joy while making these! I was smiling all the time singing out Praises to God, and just talking to him. Seeing as how I had a lot of time to myself while doing these. The only time I can work on projects is during the evenings after the boys have gone to bed or during my youngest sons nap on the weekends. So for about 4 nights between 8-9pm I was making these books. I only allowed myself an hour to do it that way I still had an hour for myself to read or watch TV before I went to bed. So here are the results of my four days of labor.

Please don't mind the crumby quilt on my bed this is my spare.

It was tough to get them all into one picture but I did my best.

I also made the gift bags for every one's books. I thought it would add another personal touch. They weren't that great just a few scrap books items glued on the front and then I hand wrote each of their names with a baby blue sharpie. They turned out good enough.

Sorry all the pictures are so dark. As you can tell in the first picture it was 8:29pm.

You can read about where I got this lovely idea Here towards the end of the post. The top half of that post is completely unrelated to this :)
I hope you all enjoyed my scrapbook paper composition books! I know all the ladies did!


haley shumway said...

I love them!! they turned out great Jhenna!!!

Jhenna said...

Thank you Haley :)